The GPG Plugin for Address Book

Status: Beta

License: Artistic



Although Apple's Address Book provides central management of your contacts' details, it was previously necessary to use different applications to manage their GPG keys. The ABKey plugin enhances Address Book by allowing you to see which of your contacts have current, revoked and expired keys as well as providing more detailed information on request.

Furthermore, the plugin works together with newer versions of GPGMail to provide per-contact control over signing and encryption preferences. You can state for a particular contact, for instance, to always encrypt or never sign emails you send to them.

Please note that this plugin is still in early development and signification additions and changes are planned, including vCard key support and key editing. Bug reports, comments and feature requests are always welcome.



See the included documentation for installation, usage instructions and Tiger issues


ABKey is a SourceForge hosted project and the latest version is available to download from SourceForge's Release System.

The source code is also available through SourceForge's Subversion System. Developers are welcome to checkout the source to view, play with and modify and we strongly encourage people to submit enhancements and bug fixes back to us for inclusion in the next release.

Bug reporting and feature requests

Please feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests using SourceForge's bug tracking system. We do ask, however, that you first read all the documentation that comes with ABKey and also check to see whether your bug has already been submitted by someone else. If you are unsure, submit the bug report anyway but mention the other bug report numbers you think the bug might be related to so we can investigate further.

Contacting the developers

The best way to contact us is through SourceForge by submitting bug and feature requests. However, if you would like to, feel free to email far-blue (The project lead).